Vineyards & Grapes

  • Pinot Noir Grapes ripe and ready for harvest
  • Abacella Vineyard
  • After the harvest
  • Newly planted Pinot Noir vines at Benton Lane Winery
  • Vineyard valley in the Dundee Hills
  • Flowering grapes at Abacela
  • A foggy morning at Sweet Cheeks Vineyards
  • Flowering Grapes
  • Winter in the valley in Crow, Oregon
  • Sparkling Pinot Noir veraison
  • Beautiful clouds over the vineyard at Domaine Drouhin
  • Winter in the vineyard at Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene, Oregon
  • Tempranillo grapes just coming out of veraison
  • Spring pond and vineyards at Vanduzer Winery
  • Beautiful November Day
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