Harvest & Production

  • A man pulling cut to help with canopy management
  • A close-up of grapes being cut during harvest
  • The bottling line at Benton Lane Winery
  • The view of baby vines outside the bottling truck
  • Freshly labeled Benton Lane Pinot Noir
  • The vineyard wires raised and the vines tied
  • Pinot Noir getting sorted on the conveyor belt before going into the destemmer
  • A bucket of Pinot Noir being dumped into a bin during harvest at Sokol Blosser Winery
  • Harvest at King Estate Winery
  • Frozen Pinot Gris Grapes which are used to make Dessert Wines
  • Sorting Pinot Noir Grapes at King Estate
  • Pinot Noir is being poured into their barrels where they will be allowed to age
  • Harvest at King Estate Winery
  • An Aenology on Pinot Noir
  • Christening the first load of Pinot Noir Grapes for 2005
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